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#stayathome with Kyocera: ceramic knives make preparing healthy meals easier

The food services industry has largely closed down and more people are cooking at home. This not only includes using healthy ingredients but also the right utensils: knives from Kyocera are perfect for the easy and safe preparation of fresh food and the ideal addition to the repertoire of hobby and professional chefs

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Kyoto/London - Kyocera's ceramic knives are especially unique due to their high-quality material and well thought through design: the blades are hand-sharpened, flexible and extremely sharp. A further advantage: they retain their cutting ability over an extremely long period of time.

Ceramic blades from Kyocera are made of particularly high-quality zirconia ceramic, an ultra-light high-tech material that is extremely hard and corrosion-free and is also used in space exploration. The dense and smooth blade surface enables a precise and wafer-thin cut and does not transport metal ions. This makes it completely odorless and tasteless.

The easy handling also makes the ceramic knives a must for every kitchen because these ultra-light tools weigh much less than comparable products made of steel. The ergonomically shaped handles fit comfortably in the hand. This makes cutting both effortless and precise. And it makes preparing and cooking healthy meals with Kyocera's ceramic knives child's play. Cleaning is also uncomplicated, as the knifes are dishwasher safe.

Diverse and yet unique

Kyocera's range of ceramic knives comprises six series: Kizuna, Japan, Fuji, Shin Black and Shin White and the Gen series. The knives differ in color, shape, and handle material, but all have the same outstanding features. Thanks to the different blade sizes and shapes they are perfect for fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Depending on the series and size, prices start at €29.00. Other kitchen utensils such as mills, graters and peelers are available as well. In Germany, Kyocera products are sold in specialist shops and, of course, online.

Kyocera_Das Messerset der GEN-Series.jpg
The „GEN“ knife series

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