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Kyocera launches iconic Chowa knife range to mark 40 years of knife-making

The new knife range fuses Japanese knifemaking tradition with expertise in the field of high-performance ceramics.

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Kyoto/London − In 2024, Kyocera will celebrate 40 years of knifemaking using high-performance ceramics. The company is marking the occasion by launching the iconic knife range called Chowa, which will be available in various colours and models from October 2023 onwards. Having sold a total of more than 20 million ceramic knives worldwide, Kyocera has succeeded in establishing an alternative to conventional steel knives for both amateur and professional chefs.

The Chowa knife range

Kyocera is launching the iconic Chowa knife range to coincide with the 40th anniversary of when the company started making knives. The Japanese word “chowa” means striving for harmony, which is evident in the knife range thanks to the combination of Japanese craftsmanship tradition and technical know-how. The new knife range, which will be available in various models, stands out not only for its harmonious design but also for its performance. The ceramic knife fits comfortably in the hand thanks to the ergonomic, lightweight soft-touch handle and ensures enjoyable working in the kitchen. Made of Z212 zirconia ceramic, the blade excels with high wear resistance and keeps its sharpness for twice as long as conventional ceramic blades made by Kyocera. Inspired by the traditional Japanese hammer, the soft-touch handle feels supple in the hand and its shape prevents wrist fatigue. Furthermore, the knife range is dishwasher-safe, stainless and comes in environmentally friendly, plastic-free packaging. The ceramic knives in the Chowa range have been developed with the desire to bring the culture of home cooking to the wider world by making cooking an easy and enjoyable process.

Hand-crafted, made in Japan

Kyocera has been continuously developing its high-tech ceramics for the last 40 years. The result is a ceramic that stands out for its exceptional hardness and high resistance to breakage and is unlike conventional materials for tableware or pottery. The blades are hardened during the production process with a force of about one ton per square centimetre. Each knife is then given a final polish by hand using a diamond-coated grinding wheel. This process increases the wear resistance and ensures that the blade remains sharp for a considerably longer time. The knife blades of the new, iconic Chowa knife range are made of patented Z212 zirconia ceramic, the development process of which spanned ten years. The blades of the new Chowa range retain their sharpness for more than twice as long in comparison with conventional ceramic blades made by Kyocera.

It's all a question of blade shape

The special blade shape developed by Kyocera makes it possible to cut a wide variety of foods with maximum precision and ease, a property it owes to the curved, shell-shaped blade. In contrast to a sharp angle, this shape is much more resistant to chipping and ensures that the knife remains sharp for much longer and that there is less resistance when cutting food.

Highest quality standards

Before Kyocera’s ceramic knives go on sale worldwide, they must pass a quality test. This is done by having the blades cut into a pile of paper. If the blade stops, moves or does not cut cleanly, for example, the test is considered failed and the knife is not put on sale. Only after passing this test faultlessly, all the quality standards in terms of sharpness are passed and the high demands placed on a Kyocera blade are fulfilled.

40 years of perfection

Kyocera was one of the first companies in the world to start making kitchen knives with ceramic blades. Kyocera has been continuously improving the material technology as well as the design of its high-performance ceramic knives since 1984, developing its product range with a variety of colours and styles, bringing the best of ceramic kitchen tools to customers all over the world.

Overview of the Chowa knife range

Name of the knife range
Blade Made of patented Z212 zirconia ceramic, hand-ground
Properties - Ergonomic soft-touch handle
- Traditional Japanese handle shape
- Dishwasher safe
- Eco-friendly, plastic-free packaging
Available colours (handle)
Black, red, white
Available range
Peeling knife, utility knife, tomato knife, Santoku knife, Nakiri knife, chef’s knife, bread knife
Prices Starting from €49.90 up to €109.90
Availability Available from October 2023

Kyocera Chowa knife range
Kyocera Chowa knife range

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