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Knife Blocks

Kyocera knife blocks offer safe storage, not only for our ceramic knives. It is also highly decorative. The knife blocks are also available as a set with Kyocera ceramic knives.

  • Bamboo Knife Block

    for up to 4 knives till 20 cm blade
    Perfect storage solution:
    for counter, wall or kitchen drawer
    Size: 34 x 12.3 x 6.6 cm

  • Bamboo Knife Block Set

    incl. 4 ceramic knives, blade: white
    FK-140 WH; blade: 14 cm
    FK-130 WH; blade: 13 cm
    FK-110 WH; blade: 11 cm
    FK-075 WH; blade: 7.5 cm
    Handle colours:

  • KB-RD BK

    Soft-Touch Knife Block for up to 8 knives
    Size: Ø 11 cm
    Height: 23 cm


    Soft-Touch Knife Block Set
    incl. 2 ceramic knives, blade: white
    FK-140 WH-BK EU; blade: 14 cm
    FK-110 WH-BK EU; blade: 11 cm